Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chimney repair cost

chimney repair costs vary widely. There are many factors to consider. One of the first factors considered in any chimney repair project is set up. How high, how tall, and where your chimney are located are major concerns for this masonry protect.

typically masonry work can't be done off a ladder. Most masonry restoration projects involve the setting of scaffold. It's critical that scaffold is set level and safe. When possible to scaffold to be secured to and around the chimney.
Roof protection is also a major consideration. When you chip out damaged brick on the chimney rubble and debris have a tendency to fall.  Brick-and-mortar falling onto your shingles can can lead to roof damage if your not careful that's why it's critical that the roof is protected before any construction process begins. Either a platform of wood should be constructed, or carpet or drop cost should be laid down minimally.
If plank on the scaffold are going to be touching the roof its recommended to pad the spots where those planke hit so that they don't crack and damage the shingles. Why create a future problem to deal with afterall you're having your chimney fixed not your roof broken.
Another consideration is how many brick need to be taken out does the chimney crown need to be replaced does the chimney need to be rebuilt or can it be tuck pointed. The condition of the flue liners is also very critical part of your chimneys day-to-day operation and maintenance.
any respectable chimney maintenance professional will address all of these issues with you when looking at your job.

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Unknown said...

Had no idea so much went into the cost of a chimney repair. You have to take into account the cost of scaffolding, as well as the actually masonry work. This is all good info to know as I am looking to get my chimney repaired next week. Thanks for the great info on chimney repairs.